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Over the years, we have come to understand the challenges faced by the everyday Nigerian learner looking to succeed and stand out in their academics. Consequently, we have come to recognize the unique opportunity to make a difference and an impact. This we do by facilitating and enhancing productivity to ensure that there is a continuous growth in learners through personalised learning.

This school of thought conceived our desire to provide an enjoyable ‘out-of-school’, ‘one-on-one’ learning experience. This is designed to give learners that extra needed to make them everything but ordinary, reaching full potential.

Our goal as a company has been to take advantage of the greater learning and understanding capabilities that comes with one-on-one personalised learning. This is achieved by bringing together learners, technology and a perfect fit facilitator that ensures his tutee stands out among their peers.

It’s normal for kids to have good days and bad days. What inspires one child to learn at school might not be the same for another. However, there are some clear signs across the board that a child may need a tutor.

Some signs: Grades are slipping or you notice a decline (either gradual or sudden), your child puts off projects, postpones homework or delivers sloppy homework, your child is repeatedly puzzled by certain concepts, repeatedly expresses anxiety about a test, or is defensive when you try to help and overall disorganization.

If these signs are noticed, you’re doing the right thing to seek help and give your child a better chance at success. Great teachers inspire, and our facilitators strive not only to help students learn concepts and develop better study habits, but they also help your child grow into a confident learner who enjoys learning.

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Working with a tutor can be beneficial to your child by strengthening academic skills, mastering new concepts, preparing for an exam, and building crucial study habits for academic success in school and life.

Zane goes beyond tutoring; instead, our learners are actively pushed to develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, independence in learning while progressing with a Zane facilitator through daily practice. Zane helps children:

  • Foster a love of learning
  • Progress with ease through academic material
  • Develop good study habits and self-learning ability
  • Reach full potential and peak at their class

We achieve all this by getting started with an initial academic evaluation, a learning plan, personalized offline and online classes to meet your child’s exact learning needs, consistent offline and online assessments that ensure your child shows proficiency in concepts and topics learnt and allows us to make improvements to your child’s learning plan as they progress.

Zanetutors Ltd. takes pride in its extensive hiring process where only reputable applicants with exceptional behaviours and character are interviewed and the very best engaged as facilitators. 

Furthermore, in guaranteeing the reliability and safety of your child by engaging trustworthy, and of course accountable facilitators, we put our facilitators through extensive offline and online background checks, ID verifications. Additionally, our facilitators also provide us with guarantors to their integrity, character and general behaviour.

All facilitators are provided with ID cards presenting an impersonator with little or no chance.

Our facilitators are the heart and soul of who we are. Trained in the Zane instructional techniques, accompanied with their expertise and experience, they undergo frequent training that ensures they stay up to date with new learning techniques and skills that guarantee and improve their overall capacity ensuring your child always receives the best from Zane. 

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Zanetutors provides four fixed packages that you can choose from, with pre-set factors of the number of days per week, number of hours per day, the number of subjects to be taught etc.

We also have an open package, Zane classic where you get to choose the tutoring parameters and get tutoring sessions set to be within your monthly budget.

Visit Our Packages to learn more about our available weekly and monthly tutoring packages.

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No, we charge standard affordable and fixed fees for all our packages (excluding the Zane classic package where you as a parent decide how much you would be willing to pay according to your needs). Other than the fixed fees there are no extra or hidden charges payable to Zanetutors. All monies are paid to our verified Zanetutors bank account.

Category: PRICING

We understand that raising a family can get expensive (to say the least!), so affordability is one of our top priorities.

Visit Our Packages to learn more about our flexible payment options.

Category: PRICING

We were hoping you’d ask! Our facilitators and staff love meeting new faces and are eager to get to work inspiring your child to learn.

We always have offers and discounts for new parents coming on-board with Zane, alongside other offers, promos and discounts just to make sure you are always happy and satisfied. 

Simply visit Our Offers page to learn more and follow us on social media to get updates on offers as they drop.

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If your child needs intensive tutoring to get back on track, we recommend at least three tutoring sessions of an hour and a half to two hours per week for your child to see real progress.

If your child is doing well but you just want to stay proactive and ensure they stay on track and get extra practice time or help with homework, we recommend at least twice a week of an hour thirty minutes to two hours.

We believe this type of consistent class frequency does make a difference, which is why we guarantee progress!


We know juggling all activities in any given week can be stressful or difficult at times. To help that problem, we offer convenient and flexible class schedules where you get to choose the tutoring days, the time of each day, and the location of the tutoring sessions. Beyond that, our Zane classic package lets you choose the frequency of the tutoring sessions and the fee you would want to pay, all to your comfort and satisfaction.

Nevertheless, talk to us if you’re still finding it hard to schedule sessions – we’ll work together to create a schedule that works with you.


Yes, however, while they may share the same schedule, they don’t share the same personalized learning plan.  We develop this plan based on your set learning objective and our initial evaluation.

We update it based on your child’s progress and performance.  This is true personalization to help guarantee the best outcome for each child.


Largely, yes, although you and the facilitators’ schedule and some uncontrollable factors that may arise affects this. However, with our systems and policies to always keep your child learning, any of our facilitators can teach your child without hitches and this is made fully possible because each facilitator knows your child’s complete tutoring history and is equally capable of providing outstanding experiences and improvements.



After getting in touch with Zanetutors, our educations team will make all necessary arrangements and make available a facilitator for your child with 3 days while also taking into consideration your preferred start date. Tutoring sessions commences as soon as tutoring fees are paid and our clients’ agreement signed.

Category: TUTORING

As per our policy in providing supplemental education by taking advantage of the greater learning capabilities that come with personalised one on one tutoring. Learning with Zanetutors happens right at home or at any prescribed (by you) relaxed environment void of tension and fright for mates with the right facilitator and environment, and this has proven to be a contemporary solution of bad grades and poor academic confidence.

Category: TUTORING

Zane is built to enhance what students learn in school, not replace it. We at Zanetutors understand the importance of not only teaching well but teaching right!!

We will always request for your child’s curriculum from you. Your child’s teacher can make this available to you. This will ensure we are working in line with what your child is learning.

However, as a company, our go-to curriculum is the NERDC curriculum which every other curriculum used by any school stems from. When we have to use this, we will always make modifications per child to ensure they are learning right. This will always keep us in line with your child’s school learning curriculum.

Category: TUTORING

(The objective of the tutoring sessions and our initial academic evaluation are factors to this)

We believe every child learns at his or her own pace and unlike other tutoring services that provide “quick fix” short-term boosts in performance; we look out for your child’s long-term academic growth.

As per our policies, the Zane method requires satisfactory understanding and testing competency before students move on from learning one concept to the other. Our short-term goal is to help your child catch up grade-level competency within 2 months, although some students take a little longer, many accomplish it sooner.

Note, if learning continues to progress just regularly without your child showing proficiency in topics he or she is taught, deficiencies in learning can accrue and have a greater negative impact.

However, by fully understanding concepts as the Zane method prescribes, you begin to see your child doing better in concept learnt each day, while developing a love and motivation to learn by themselves. This sets them on the path of success and helps them stay engaged and enthusiastic, not frustrated and eventually grow to be lifelong learners.

Category: TUTORING


No, we presently do not. However, our tech and developments teams are working round the clock to make this possible, not just possible but ensuring this service will have a lasting impact in the lives of our learners.

When set up, with our online tutoring programs, your child will keep skills sharp, interact with trained instructors through face-to-face online sessions, and keep his or her momentum going through these uncertain times.

At Zane, we always ensure its money well spent.


Our academic tutoring program, which looks to help learners who are struggling with scores and confidence, who needs more practice and help with homework and tests, or has slipped behind, is available to all from year 1 through year 12, in the fundamental subjects. We also offer exam prep for learners looking to take on various examinations, local and international.

Check out Our Programs for more details.


Firstly, lots of research overwhelmingly supports personalised tutoring as the very best educational option.  We further believe that learning should be personal, and at Zane, it is. At Zane, our facilitators get to know each student and provide the positive reinforcement and motivation that leads to success — and not only on tests and homework but beyond the classroom.

Although we also provide tutoring in small groups “Our Learning Conferences”, each learner does get the one-on-one attention they justly require, crucial for truly mastering concepts and skills that ensure they reach full potential.



It’s a great aid in helping your child retain what he or she learned during the school year, and for those students who underperformed, it’s a wonderful way to help prepare for the upcoming class year.  Fortunately, Zane is here for you, here to help your child enjoy and have fun during the summer while they stay learning.

Learn more on this from the Zane Blog – Zane Care.


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