5 Scratch Projects Ideas to Help Kids Learn Coding Online

Coding for Kids in Nigeria

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Engaging, Exciting and Free Coding Projects for Kids: Learn Online with Scratch!

Scratch for kids is an excellent block-based coding platform for building 21st-century skills, such as systematic thinking, creativity, and collaboration. It’s the perfect pathway for kids to learn programmatic thinking and get an enthusiastic head start on learning real-world coding skills online, for free.

In Scratch, a program is saved as a project. So kids can get started with creating a Scratch project in three simple and easy steps;

First, you need to sign up on the Scratch website.  Next, explore the “ideas” section to access the getting started tutorial.  Afterwards, create your first project using Scratch.

In this blog, we will explore some exciting Scratch projects for kids to learn online at their own convenient time and at the comfort of their homes, anywhere in Nigeria. So read on to find some innovative ideas and try these free starter projects.

1. Learn Coding with DJ Scratch Cat

DJ Scratch Cat is a music-based Scratch project that lets you mix sounds and graphics. As per the instructions on the Scratch website, you press V, B, N, or Z, X, C to play with sounds.

You can explore new tunes and keys or place another DJ inside the setup instead of Scratch Cat.

Create your own version of DJ Scratch Cat to learn coding

2. Project Maze Starter Teaches Coding

Maze Starter is a fun Scratch project where you move a ball to reach the goal using the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can customise the game by adding more obstacles and constructing new levels.

It also includes score-keeping functionality: you collect rewards for choosing the correct path, subtract points for hitting walls, and so on.

Create your own version of Maze Starter project

Scratch!- Perfect for giving kids an enthusiastic head start on learning real-world coding skills, for free

3. Learn Coding with Starfish Choir

The Starfish Choir is a music-themed, fun Scratch project. 

When you continuously click on the Starfish, it sounds like a choir. You can remix this project with different characters, backdrops, and sounds. You can add several Starfish to your project and assign a different sound to each.

Create your own version of Starfish Choir project

4. Dance Party Project Teaches Coding

 The dance party Scratch project lets you curate your dance party. Pick from different options, add sprites (images created in Scratch), and have fun with the interface. You can also view others’ creations, learn from the samples, and remix your  version.

Create your own version of the Dance Party project

Designing Scratch projects challenges kids to think creatively, learn how to overcome obstacles and solve problems which builds confidence. 

5. Hide and Seek Project builds Coding Skills

Hide and Seek is a Scratch project centred around a character named Gobo. Players will have to catch all the characters to win the game. You will have to click on Gobo to score points. You can add a timer or change what happens upon catching Gobo. 

To increase the difficulty level further, you can shorten the length of time for which your characters appear on the screen. Another way to remix the project is to make more sprites similar to Gobo.

Create your own version of Hide and Seek project to boost coding

Developing projects is a fun activity for kids, as it is fun and helps them learn to code from the comfort of their home anywhere in Nigeria. Children who create with Scratch online learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. Scratch for kids promotes computational thinking, problem-solving skills, self-expression, and collaboration.

Check out our Scratch programming course to start building your fun Scratch projects and be on your coding path already. 

It will help you master the core coding principles using Scratch. Then, you can start using events, coordinates, and sprites and create your programs using code blocks. Coding for kids helps kids foster essential 21-st century skills while improving academic performance. You can go ahead and try a free class today!

 Coding for kids helps kids foster essential 21-st century skills while improving academic performance. You can go ahead and try a free class today!

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